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  • General

    Welcome to the Climsoft Community Website

    • Introduction

    • Installation

      Here you will find the Installer (Setup) for Climsoft, Manuals, tutorial and videos guides to help you access, download, install and use Climsoft in your daily operations of Climate Data Management. 

    • Contributing to Climsoft

      Contributor's and Developers' Section

      Climsoft is an Open-Source community development. It is developed to meet the needs of its users, and it is very important that the users get involved.

      Contributors are Users who are actively involved in using and developing Climsoft, through some or all of the following activities:

      1. Reporting bugs and errors through the Forum
      2. Testing bug fixes
      3. Suggesting and specifying extensions to the Project
      4. Developing and testing local extensions and changes
      5. Offering developments for inclusion in the core Project.

      Get involved!

      The Climsoft Community needs your help. Share your experience and ideas here, and become a Contributor. Climsoft Contributors must first read and sign the Climsoft Contributor Agreement. This is to protect both you and the Climsoft Project. Click on the link below:

      • Contributors Discussion Forum
        Terbatas Tidak tersedia, kecuali: You achieve a required score in Climsoft Contributor's Agreement
    • Organisation

      Organisation of the Climsoft Project

      Climsoft is an Open-Source Community project. Development, maintenance and support is mainly provided by the NMHSs of Developing Countries who are also its principal users.

      Contributions from the NMHSs and others are warmly welcomed. Climsoft relies on a supportive community of users, contributors and developers.


      Roles in the Climsoft Project are operated as meritocracies -- the more you contribute, and the higher the quality of your contribution, the more you are encouraged to do. However with this comes increased responsibility.

      The Climsoft community is expected to encourage and assist all its members to contribute to the effective development and use of Climsoft to the greatest extent possible.