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Installation URL Climsoft Version 4.1.5 Setup 01-February-2020

The above link is pointing to the release page of the Climsoft GitHub repository were the released versions are kept, follow the link and download the setup (installer) of Climsoft Version 4.1.5 and then follow the instructions in the Climsoft Complete Installation video to install Climsoft. The link contains the latest installer for 32-bit, 64-bit operating system and the upgrade;the installer for 32-bit is meant for computers with 32-bit operating system while the one for 64-bit is for 64-bit computers.

The upgrade version is meant for users who have already installed previous versions of Climsoft version 4 (e.g. Climsoft version 4.1.4) and want to upgrade to the latest version (e.g. Climsoft version 4.1.5), in this case the application and its interface may change but the database will remain the same and the database content will not be affected. 

URL How to get Climsoft

This video will show you how to access and download Climsoft Version 4 software. 

URL Climsoft Complete Installation

This video will guide you through the process of installing Climsoft Version 4. 

URL Climsoft Main Functionalities

This video will walk you through the main functionalities of Climsoft Version 4. 

URL Climsoft Metadata Information Management

This video will show you how to import,modify,add new metadata Information and export these from Climsoft for use in other applications.. 

Contributing to Climsoft File Climate Data Management System Specifications

WMO CDMS Specification No 1131 - also available through a WMO website link. This provides advice on the functionality of a climate data management system, with classifications as Essential, Recommended or Optional. This advice is general, not just for Climsoft, and is intended to be useful for all National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.

Organisation Page Climsoft Community Roles

Description of the Roles involved in the Climsoft Community

Folder Climsoft Reports, Meeting Notes and other documents

This folder contains documents relevant to the Climsoft Project Governance, including  reports, meeting notes, plans, and other documents.