Users include all those who use Climsoft as part of their work. At a minimum, all Users should report problems and errors, either directly or through their local person responsible for Climsoft operations.


Contributors are Users who are actively involved in using and developing Climsoft, through some or all of the following activities:

  1. Reporting bugs and errors through the Forum
  2. Testing bug fixes
  3. Suggesting and specifying extensions to the Project
  4. Developing and testing local extensions and changes
  5. Offering developments for inclusion in the core Project.

Lead Developers

The Lead Developers are drawn from those Contributors who are experienced developers, and have made contributions to the core project

It is the Lead Development’s responsibility to ensure the quality of the source code and documentation remains high and that the integrity of the project is preserved. They define coding standards and development methodologies.

They are responsible for inspecting the code, structure and documentation of developments offered for inclusion in the core Project, and when approved, for committing the changes into the core Project.

Technical Advisory Group Members

The Technical Advisory Group is led by the Coordinator and includes all the Lead Developers. Other members are invited to join in order to provide expert advice in relevant areas, such as systems analysis, climatology data management, climate services, software testing etc. See the detailed TORs for the Technical Advisory Group.

Steering Group Members

The Steering Group is responsible for the Vision, Mission and strategy for Climsoft. It is responsible for ensuring that Climsoft is sustainable and effective at meeting the needs of its stakeholders, especially the Users, and their ability to provide climate services to all who need them.

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