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Speculation about Climsoft V5

Steve Palmer
Speculation about Climsoft V5
by Steve Palmer - 3 December 2014


We had discussed the road-map for Climsoft CDMS, with Version 4 during 2015 which will remove the dependence on Microsoft Access Jet and start to introduce open-source tools, then Version 5 in 2016 which will remove the dependence on VB and replace it with other programming tools.

It appears that the BoM Australia are also planning to redevelop the Clide CDMS using Open Source techniques with a planned date in 2016.

This seems like a great opportunity. With careful planning, we can bring the two CDMS closer together and share the development effort. At minimum, this could result in a common set of tools for products and operations. An example could be the code to produce the new format CLIMAT message.

No actions needed at present, just to bear the possibility in mind.