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Climsoft Version 3.2

Leaving Long Acres Lusaka
Re: Climsoft Version 3.2
by Joan Mc Donald - 4 February 2017

Good night Samuel and the rest of the team.

I am attaching/sharing my progress today. One thing I forgot to mention is that I now used the installation files found online/this site. So I will discard my previous executable package. Is that fine?

Merci Beaucoup!

Joan Mc Donald

Above is the only option that worked


I clicked ' no' many times in order to continue

Then the upload continued



At Last!!!! I see great success.

I feel so relieved. It works

Leaving Long Acres Lusaka
upload to main db
by Joan Mc Donald - 9 April 2018

Good morning developers team.

If intermediate db was successfully uploaded and successfully updated the main db, what could cause my upload of main to give dialog box ' It may not be a database that your application recognizes or the file may be corrupt'?

Hoping to get some ideas/guidance.


Joan McDonald- St.Vincent and the Grenadines

Picture of Samuel Machua
Re: upload to main db
by Samuel Machua - 9 April 2018

Hi Joan,

This an ACCESS based problem. It means your main or intermediate database files are corrupted or have exceeded the 2GB size. The good thing is that ACCESS has tools to solve the problem. Deal with it as follows:
  1. Start MS ACCESS
  2. Open climsoft main db from ACCESS
  3. From ACCESS look for command Compact and Repair Database and click it.
  4. Wait for the repair process to complete
  5. Close ACCESS
  6. Repeat for intermediate db
If you encounter any hitch please let me know


Marcellin HABIMANA
Re: upload to main db
by Marcellin HABIMANA - 11 April 2018

Hi Joan,

Hope you are well.

Just to find out if you managed to import successfully your data using the above guidance or if the issue persists.

Please,let us know your progress on this.


Climsoft Project Coordinator.

Leaving Long Acres Lusaka
Re: upload to main db
by Joan Mc Donald - 12 April 2018

Good morning Samuel and Marcellin,

I was not able to, because of the necessary permission to open the main v3 db.

However, the St.Vincent main v2 was accessible (able to open).

So an attempt to upload data from  St.Vincent main v2 to main v3 (using main MS access and v2 as source) was the  next step- but no progress. The preparing to upload took very long with no visible activity.

Following Samuel's steps nonetheless, the Compact and Repair Database was done for main v3 db and intermediate db from access in that order. The upload to main was attempted again without success.


Joan McDonald