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Changes to the met-elearning development site

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Changes to the met-elearning development site
by Simon Gilbert - 29 January 2008

Our IT wizard Ian Dale has successfully upgraded the version of moodle to 1.8.4 on the development site so we are now operating the latest stable version. This means that things like Questionnaires should now work well. 


He has also tidied up the front page of the development site (previously and renamed it to ‘sandbox’. Please update your bookmarks with the new address 


I have also seen that there a large number of users registered on the site, many of whom are not involved with developing courses. If you are one of these users and feel you have a legitimate reason to access the site then please send me a message explaining this. Otherwise I am afraid I will remove those users and you will need to stick with the main site, which is a lot more interesting and useful anyway!