Climsoft Guides in English

Guides to Quality Control and Data Transfer

Quality Control - Intermediate & Main Databases

Climsoft works with three databases: (1) the temporary work file, (2) the Intermediate Database, and (3) the Main Database. The guides in this section show how to transfer data from the temporary work file to the Intermediate Database; describe the quality control checks that are done in the Intermediate Database; and show how to make the final transfer to the Main Database.

      Updating the Intermediate Database

    This guide explains how to transfer data from the temporary work file to the intermediate database where further checks on the data will be carried out.

      Quality Control in the Intermediate Database

    In Climsoft most of the quality control is carried out in the Intermediate Database; this guide shows how that is done. The quality control process looks for data entry errors, errors in imported data and for inconsistencies between data items.

      Updating the Main Database

    Once quality control checks have been carried out in the Intermediate Database, the data should be transferred to the Main Database. The idea behind the three database system is to try and ensure that only clean data are transferred and stored in the Main Database. This guide will show how to do this final transfer and update.  You should remember however that datasets are seldom completely clean and as such you may need to make further corrections or further transfers if errors are discovered at a later date.