Climsoft Guides in English

Products Guide and Specialist Guides

      Guide to Climsoft Products

    In the context of Climsoft, Products are the reports and diagrams that can be generated from within the software package. This guide will explain the types of output that are available and how they are produced.

    Note: This guide is not yet complete.

      Encoding Data into TDCF

    The Table Driven Code Form (TDCF) is used to code meteorological data in a fixed form using numeric codes. Two examples of TDCF are Binary Universal Form for the Representation of meteorological data (BUFR) and Character form for the Representation and Exchange of data (CREX). These systems offer flexibility and expandability as they are self-descriptive. Data for many elements can be coded into a single TDCF message. This guide will briefly describe these methods and will show how to encode and transmit data using these systems.

    Note: The BUFR and CREX functions have not been verified - Information in this guide was taken from earlier versions of the guides but has yet to be confirmed as correct by the developers.

      AWS Real Time Data Processing

    This guide is intended for users from Automatic Weather Stations and explains how to set up and configure CLIMSOFT for processing data from these stations.

    Note: AWS functions have yet to be verified by the developers.