Climsoft Guides in English

Guides for the Site Administrator

In this section are the guides designed for Site Administrators. Activities include entering the station information, customising the data forms, setting up double data entry, and backing up the database.

      Metadata Management Guide

    This guide is intended for administrators who wish to import, modify or create metadata. For the purposes of Climsoft, metadata refers to information about stations, elements, instruments and other objects in the Climsoft database. Station information must be in place before data for that station can be added. We would anticipate this being done by the site administrator.

      Entering Station Information - Video

    This video demonstrates the process of entering station information into Climsoft. The station information must be present in the Climsoft database before data for that station can be added.

      Importing Station Information - Video

    This link will take you to a video stored on the SSC's YouTube Channel (SSC Broadcast) and demonstrates how to import station information from a text file. The same example is used in the tutorial which can be downloaded, along with the relevant data files, from the Climsoft website.

      Guide to Customising Data Forms

    This guide is intended for administrators who wish to modify or delete data forms for key entry users. Climsoft comes pre-installed with a number of data forms as examples for key entry. Some forms are immediately visible in the Key Entry window and are ready for data entry, while other must be added. Forms can also be removed from the Key Entry window, adapted for local use, or deleted altogether.

      Guide to Double Entry

    This guide will show administrators how to use Climsoft's double key entry feature. This facility means that each data item entered from a paper form is entered twice and by different key entry operators. This works on the assumption that two individuals will not make the same errors in data entry and in this way it helps to trap potential errors that might otherwise find their way into the database.

      Guide to Backing up and Restoring the Main Database

    Backing up the database is an essential part of data management. Without secure backups your data are vulnerable to both hardware and software failure. This guide is intended for site administrators to show them how to back-up the main database in Climsoft and how to restore it from the backup. We would recommend backing up on a regular basis and keeping at least two backup copies in secure and separate locations.