Climsoft Guides in English


     Quick Installation Guide

    This guide is intended for Climsoft site installers. It will help you to navigate the three-part installation and configuration process.

     Quick Installation - Video

    This video will guide you through the process of installing Climsoft v3.2. It includes a demonstration lasting 10 minutes followed by a practice session where you follow the steps yourself.

     Guide to User Management

    This guide describes the different user roles that are available in Climsoft. Different roles have different sets of permissions ranging from the Operator who only has access to the temporary database via the key entry tables, through to the Administrator who has full access to the whole system. This guide explains how to add and remove users and assign them different roles.

     Guide to Data Migration and Upgrading

    This guide is designed for those users who are currently using version 2 of Climsoft and will show how to migrate their data into version 3.

     Guide to Uninstalling and Reinstalling Climsoft

    This guide will show you how to remove Climsoft and its components from your computer so that a re-installation can be completed without interference from the previous installation. In order to re-install from a previous version several processes must be carried out to ensure that the new installation is fully functional.

     Updating Climsoft - Video

    This video takes you through the process of uninstalling Climsoft and then installing a new version. This includes a demonstration lasting 15 minutes followed by a practice session. Before you remove Climsoft you must make sure you have taken a backup copy of your database files so that these do not get overwritten in the re-installation process.

     Uninstalling Climsoft - Video

    This video will take you through the process of removing Climsoft from your PC. It includes a demonstration lasting just 3 minutes followed by a practice session.

     Guide to Populating Climsoft from the Main Installation File

    In many cases Climsoft will need to be installed on several workstations within a site and for this we advocate a two-part installation. The first part is the installation of the software itself which will be done on all workstations. Customisation, including adding the station information, would then be done on one workstation and the resulting databases packed together so they can be easily transferred to all other workstations. The second part of the installation would be the transfer of the customised databases which would then be done on the other workstations. This guide details this process.