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Climsoft Guides in English

Guide for Contributors and Developers

    Contributing to Climsoft

    Climsoft is an Open-Source community development. It is developed to meet the needs of its users, and it is very important that users get involved.

    Contributors are users who are actively involved in using and developing Climsoft, through some or all of the following activities:

    • Reporting bugs and errors through the Forum
    • Testing bug fixes
    • Suggesting and specifying extensions to the Project
    • Developing and testing local extensions and changes
    • Offering developments for inclusion in the core Project.

    Get involved!

    The Climsoft Community needs your help. Share your experience and ideas here, and become a Contributor.

    Climsoft Contributors must first read and sign the Climsoft Contributor Agreement. This is to protect both you and the Climsoft Project. Click on the link below:

      Climsoft Contributor's Agreement

      Contributors Discussion Forum

    [Not available unless you complete the Climsoft Contributor's Agreement.]

    This is where the Climsoft Contributors discuss and help develop Climsoft (report a bug, ask for help or changes, give results of tests, share new or amended products, tools, code and documentation).

    Please complete the Contributor's Agreement through the link above, then you will have full access to this Forum. Guests can read the forum posts, but not add to the forum.

      Data Model - 2014-03-27

    This comprehensive guide describes the structure of the main Climsoft database including the relationships within the database. The eventual aim of this document is to also describe the tables and queries within the database and state their purpose within the Climsoft system.

    This guide is still under development but we have uploaded it here so that users and developers can provide feedback.

      Climate Data Management System Specifications

    WMO No 1131 - also available through a WMO website link. This provides advice on the functionality of a climate data management system, with classifications as Essential, Recommended or Optional. This advice is general, not just for Climsoft, and is intended to be useful for all National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.