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Climsoft Guides in English

Guides to Data Entry

The guides in this section are designed to show staff how to enter data using the different forms that are available. It is assumed that site administrators would carry out any necessary customisation of the data screens.

      Data Entry Guide

    This guide explains how to enter data for one or multiple elements using a variety of different data entry forms. Data are entered into a temporary database before being transferred to the intermediate database where quality control checks are carried out and from there they are transferred to the main CLIMSOFT database.

      Quality Control during Key Entry

    Although most of the quality control is done from within the intermediate database there are some checks that are carried out during key entry. Must of this is to do with checking that values are within the allowable range for the particular element. Note that data for many of the elements are entered with a scale factor; for example temperature by default has a scale factor of 0.1, thus a temperature of 10oC should be entered as 100.

      Guide to Entering Data for Rainfall Stations

    This guide shows the user how to enter daily rainfall data for a month at a time.

      Entering Rainfall Data - Video

    This video shows how to enter rainfall data a month at a time using one of the data entry forms provided with Climsoft. There is a six-minute demonstration followed by a practice session.

      Importing Data into the Temporary Work File

    This guide shows how to import data into Climsoft. This would generally be data stored in a .csv file. When you are importing data for particular stations you must ensure that the station information already exists within the Climsoft database. You would need to ensure this is the case for all workstations where you intend to import the data.

      Guide to Exporting Data from the Temporary Work File

    This guide is intended for users who only perform key entry tasks and describes how they can save, export and send data from the temporary work file on their computers to a central database server where the files will be imported into an intermediate database for quality control and further use.

      Exporting Data from the Temporary Work File - Video

    This video demonstrates the process of exporting data from the temporary work file.  It comprises a short 3 minute demonstration followed by a practice session.