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Essentials of Management 2014-15 course - Open for applications
by Steve Manktelow - Tuesday, 7 October 2014, 10:43 AM

The management by e-learning course “Essentials of Management 2014-15” has been developed by the UK Met Office, and supported by WMO. It is designed for mid-level managers of NMHSs in developing countries, or for those employees who want to increase their knowledge of management skills, providing a foundation for further career development. Topics include effective team working, planning, performance management, and many others.



To date, over 100 international participants have completed the web-based training, which has been running since 2008. The course has been updated again this year taking into account feedback from previous participants on the courses.



This ‘Essentials of Management 2014-15’ course, which will be run in English, will run for 20 weeks, with 2 weeks for each of the ten modules. (Please note that those candidates who have already completed either the ‘Management by e-learning’ or the ’Essentials of Management’ courses previously, need not apply).


The next run of this course begins on the Monday 10th November 2014 and applications will be considered up until Wednesday 29th October 2014. Applications for the course will be considered by a panel and successful candidates will be informed by email by Monday 3rd November 2014.


This new course will run on our Moodle2 website. To find out more about the course, and to apply, please log on to the new Moodle 2 website at http://www.met-elearning.org/moodle_v2/ Please note that your existing username and password may not work on this new site and you may have to click on ‘create a new account’ (on the right hand side of the page)


When you are logged on go to the ‘Apply for a course’ section and choose ‘Essentials of Management 2014-15: Apply here’


At this point you will read further instructions outlining the remainder of the applications procedure


For more information, please contact Steve Manktelow at <font color="#0000ff">steve.manktelow@metoffice.gov.uk</font> or Karen McCourt at <font color="#0000ff">karen.mccourt@metoffice.gov.uk</font>


We look forward to receiving your applications!