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RA I Seminar for National Trainers

Resource developed in (Country): Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Organisation: WMO
Language: English

Topics covered:


The main objectives of the seminar are to improve the skills of individual trainers; update curriculum, content, skills and resources; improve regional training cooperation and update individual training programs. The primary focus would be on developing participants' training skills through active engagement in preparing and presenting material on topics those participants would normally deliver. The main topics for this seminar will be the "Thunderstorm Forecasting Training" and the "Application of the NWP Ensemble Products". 


The "teaching techniques" part of the seminar will provide the educational framework for the participants' work (setting objectives and competencies, learning theory, learning and teaching styles, content preparation and delivery, assessment, evaluation, etc.). The practical part allows the participants to develop and practice all facets of the training process as applied to their particular topic. Discussions sessions, short presentations by participants, as well as exchange training experiences will be included. 


As this will be an active, experiential training event, participants will be expected to do some preparation for the course and to be given support in applying what they have learnt upon their return. In preparation for the course they will undertake some preliminary distance learning exercises.  They will also be requested to bring examples of their current training.  On completion of the course participants are expected to share what they have learnt with other trainers and to apply new skills in their training. 


The seminar will have duration of two working weeks and will be conducted in English and French through simultaneous interpretations. Some thirty Professional Meteorologists and Senior Meteorological Technicians, especially those engaged as trainers for operational personnel have been selected to participate in the seminar. 

Website: http://www.wmo.int/web/etr/
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