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Statistics in Applied Climatology (e-SIAC)

Resource developed in (Country): United Kingdom SIAC Front Page
Organisation: Statistical Services Centre, University of Reading
Language: English

Topics covered:

Data Processing

The Statistics in Applied Climatology (SIAC) course has been developed over many years by staff at the Statistical Services Centre at Reading University in the UK.

SIAC provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to analyse climatic data in ways that are useful for decision-making in agriculture, health and other sectors. SIAC has been run for many years with participants from many National Met Services around the World, particularly Africa.

The E-SIAC course has been developed, with support from the UK Met Office and UK Government Department for International Development (DFID), so that we are able to train a wider cross-section participants - both from within NMSs and also the end users of products.

E-SIAC consists of eight flash modules and is managed as a facilitated e-learning course from this website. Course dates and costs are available from the SSC website.

The modules could be used by RTCs or NMHSs as components of other training programmes - to find out more contact WMO ETR department in the first instance.

Website: Course page at SSC Reading
Demonstration:Topic 1 of E-SIAC
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