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RA Training Workshop on Human Resources Development Planning

Resource developed in (Country): Egypt
Organisation: WMO
Language: English

Topics covered:


The WMO Executive Council at its fifty-seventh session agreed that a Regional Training Workshop on Human Resources Development Planning for the benefit of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) should be held during 2007.


            Therefore, I have pleasure in informing you that, at the kind invitation of the Permanent Representative of Egypt with WMO, this Workshop will be held in the WMO Regional Training Centre, Cairo, Egypt from 14 to18 April 2007.

This workshop is aimed at senior staff responsible for Human Resources Development Planning in National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.  The workshop will address issues such as the role of HR Management, HR Planning, Strategic Partnerships, Organizational changes and their impact, Competence Management and Communication Strategies. The Workshop will be conducted in English and French. Delegates are encouraged to participate actively in the workshop, by sharing relevant examples from their countries.

A note containing general information for participants, as well as the detailed programme schedule, will be distributed to selected candidates at a later date.

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